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fast course Microsoft Word 2013 Textbook

Become a Microsoft Word Power User

fast course Microsoft Word 2013 TextbookIt may seem logical to equate long-time Microsoft Word use with expertise. But in fact, quite the opposite can happen. Long-time Word users might miss out on learning new shortcuts and features, which can make them less efficient user than those who have recently completed a Microsoft Office 2013 training program.

If you want to help your employees be the best they can be, consider hosting a company-wide training session, using a MS Word FastCourse to bring them up to speed – literally! In the meantime, here are some tricks to help them become Microsoft Words Power Users.

Simplify formatting. Much of the work professionals do using Word ends up in web copy or printed using a publisher. Each of these formats has their own formatting preferences, which means you can spend a good deal of time trying to figure out why your text isn’t formatting properly. To prevent any formatting “fluff”, click on the Options dialogue, select the Proofing tab in the left column, select Auto Correct, and then un-click all of the selections. This will keep your formatting pared down to the basics.

Continue Working. When you open a document to continue working, hit Shift+F5 and it will take you to where you left off.

Change Case. Irritated by having to manually change letter cases, like when your headings are inconsistent? Shift+F3 allows you to toggle through case options efficiently.

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Tips to Make Your Excel Charts and Graphs Pop

Excel 2013 legend-placement-comparison

Who says looks don’t matter? The human eye has a natural inclination for proportion, color, and balance. If you go crazy using bells and whistles when creating your Excel charts and graphs, they can end up being difficult to read or decipher. Here are tips to make your Microsoft Excel 2013 charts and graphs pop.

Get rid of the gridlines. In theory, gridlines are there to help your eye track specific data. In reality, they create the equivalent of visual “background noise,” which mucks up the total effect and is more of a distraction than a help. Your charts will have more impact without them. Simply click on any gridline other than the top one (that will select the entire plot area). Then hit Ctrl-1 to access the formatting box. Select line color > no line, and – viola! It’s easier on the eyes.

Legend relocation. Tired of your chart legends on the right? They always make things appear off center. You can easily relocate the legend to the top or bottom of the page. Click Ctrl-1, then find the Legends category and choose Positions (called Placement on Macs). It’s much cleaner.

Sort your data. Keep the chart looking orderly and streamlined by sorting data in descending order beforehand. Once your data is sorted according to how you want it to appear in the chart, a change in data will automatically be reflected in your chart.

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See What’s Coming with Windows 8’s Next Big Update

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It’s impossible to deny that Windows 8 wasn’t the raging success Microsoft hoped it would be, but good news is on the horizon. Their developers took heart, and listened, to what reviewers had to say. Windows 8.1 is worth downloading so you can take advantage of what CBS MoneyWatch says should have been available in the first place.

Here are some of the things you can expect from the next big update:

The Start Button
. Hooray! While we are all for change, there are some things that need to change more gradually that others. The disappearance of the start button hand many users banging their computer in frustration. How do you shut it down? In the Windows 8.1, the start button is back, and opens to a new start screen; that kind of change we can handle.

Shut down. No more hunting around with multiple clicks to shut down the computer. Users will be able to shut the computer down from a single click on the start menu.

3-D printing. One of the most exciting features of Windows’ newest update is it’s support for 3-D printers. When you’re ready to make the investment in your 3-D printer, Windows 8.1 is already set up to connect and print!

Improved Cloud integration. The Cloud seems like more of an integrated part of the system’s interface. You can ensure your documents are automatically updated on the SkyDrive.

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