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8 New Ways to Integrate Technology Education Into the Classroom

teacher presenting in classroomToday’s high school students graduate with a whole new level of computer literacy and technological know-how. This is because teachers are using technology in the classroom more than ever. In order to continue this trend, and help adult students catch up, college and adult educators should implement “technology education” in their classrooms as well. Here’s how:

  1. Lectures. Convert your lessons into PowerPoint. In addition to visual appeal, lectures can be uploaded to your blog/website for students who missed class.
  2. Presentations. There is a host of free technology designed specifically for presentations. From PowerPoint to online options, students can collaborate on presentations without ever meeting in person.
  3. Video/Voice Chat. Take advantage of Skype or other video/chat options to communicate with students and encourage students to use it with one another outside of class.
  4. Games. Even in the world of adult education there are days when students need a break from the norm. Use Jeopardy or another fun app that’s group friendly to shift the energy.
  5. Website. It’s easier than ever to make your own website, which is a helpful way to localize class info, syllabi, informational resources, etc.
  6. Inverted Classroom. You can use a webcam to record your lessons and upload them to your website. Have students watch the videos before they come to class, maximizing classroom time for practice.
  7. eBooks. Scrap traditional textbooks and look for eBook and web-based learning platforms which imbed technology education into their process.
  8. Online Assessments. Research assessment tool options to enhance your hands-on learning approach and simplify assessments, grading, and gradebook management.

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