Microsoft Excel

Excel Makes Quick Work for Your Accounting Needs

It’s easy to get comfortable in a work routine, but that doesn’t mean the routine is efficient. This is why it’s important for management personnel to encourage the accounting team to keep up to date in accounting software and programming updates. For example, the shortcuts available in the new Microsoft Excel 2013 software can up your company’s accounting game and make quicker work of your day-to-day procedures.¬†Here are some Excel shortcuts that can help.¬†Microsoft Excel

  • Select an entire table. Ctrl+Shift+Space Bar. This handy shortcut allows you to select all of the data in an Excel table so the it can be quickly copy/pasted/manipulated elsewhere. This won’t work if one of the active cells is outside of the specified range.
  • Formula reconnaissance. New to a set of data and aren’t quite sure which cells are linked to which formulas? You can click into formulated cell, and press Ctrl+Shift+{ and the linked cells will be highlighted, giving you a deeper understanding of the unfamiliar data.
  • Mouse-free Selection Extend. Tired of selecting an the accurate spreadsheet selection only to bump a key or mouse and have it disappear? Then you’ll love the keyboard shortcut for extended selections: F8. Hit the F8 button on your keyboard, then use the directional arrows to click left to right, and up or down, to select the appropriate cells. You can’t go wrong.

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