Technology in Education Trends to Watch in 2014

Technology in Education Trends to Watch in 2014

Technology in Education Trends to Watch in 2014
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In 2013, many pundits debated the limitations of online courses. But overall, it was seen as a very good year for those who support technology in education. For example, online degrees got the green light from the U.S. Department of Education.

Here are some education trends you can expect to see more of in 2014:

  • Openness:  Open-source software is free and encourages students to work together to build and customize solutions. These communities may grow into hotbeds of innovation.
  • Analytics: Analytics will provide performance metrics that will produce data that can be used to understand learning strategies. Students can track of their grades, assignments and upcoming lessons in just a few clicks.
  • Cloud: The cloud will allow for email, calendars, and other utilities to all be shared in one place. Technology in education will only continue to improve as software and support improves.
  • More focus on course design:  Online courses work best when integrated with in-class sessions. Our online courses offer a variety of resources available to educators.
  • Gamification: The Research & Innovation Network has found that games help students learn faster. Learning might actually be (even more) fun in 2014.

Technology in education will continue to place a larger role in 2014. If you want to see how our solutions can help you in the classroom, feel free to contact us at Labyrinth Learning.

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  1. I like online and e-learning but I still think nothing beats face to face real world kind of interaction. I think that online learning is the future and is a great supplement to some real-world training. Great article.

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