The Bright Future of Technology in the Classroom

The Bright Future of Technology in the Classroom

The Bright Future of Technology in the ClassroomYou know it better than anybody: college students can be very persuasive when they choose. And if you feel as though they’re pulling you along on the rising tide of technology in education, at least you can be assured that they have a good point, because technology usage in the classroom will become even more important in the future.

For now, you may be persuaded to allow your students to bring their smartphones to class to look up vocabulary words and translations, or in some cases, to take pictures of classroom notes and presentations. You might call this simple acquiescence; other colleges put a formal name to it: Bring Your Own Technology to School Day. Students also might be taking notes on their laptops, designing projects in Prezi and using the Smartboard to demonstrate just how adept they are at using technology in education.

In the future, when technology is further brought into the class, students might:

  • Collaborate regularly in real time with students across the globe, using Skype or a similar service.
  • Take a visual tour of a foreign country via a webcam, microphone and, of course, a reliable Internet connection.
  • Trade their laptops and tablets for wrist-mounted computers.
  • Take the extra step of having a computer chip implanted on their person so that they are literally wired for global connectivity.

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