Enhance Lessons with the Labyrinth Learning Video Library

projector Teaching with video tools, in addition to traditional lectures, group work, and assessments, can be an effective way to engage a wide spectrum of learners. However, if videos aren’t used correctly, they can become a “passive” teaching tool and will not have the same impact on your students’ learning process.

Here are tips for enhancing your lessons with the Labyrinth Learning video library:

Provide a synopsis. Take a little time before the video begins to “prime the intellectual pumps”. Explain what the video is about, the highlights and the key takeaway points students should be watching/listening for. This pre-viewing period is especially helpful if you feel there will be parts of the video or lesson that will challenge the students. Highlighting them beforehand will make the information more accessible.

Viewing activities. While you don’t want to interrupt the video too much, or assign a viewing activity that is too distracting, providing a few questions for students to answer, and/or selecting specific “pause points” to recap a video lesson’s main points, can be a productive way to keep students engaged.

Post-video review. Afterwards, to ensure the video’s lessons are translated to students, you should have a post-video review session, going over whatever worksheet, questions and assignments students were to complete during the video. Discuss the new material so students can further synthesize what they have learned.

Contact Labyrinth Learning for more information about teaching with video and other multi-media tools that will make your classroom a more dynamic learning environment.

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