How You Can Make Accounting Exciting for Students

making accounting fun

How many times while teaching your accounting classes, you’ve looked around and your students are sitting there with glazed eyes, trying to appear interested in what you’re teaching? You can shake things up in your accounting classroom by including some of these fun and educational games to get and keep your students’ attention.

  • Bingo. Create bingo cards with a variety of questions. Students have to come up with the correct answer in order to cover spaces on their card.
  • Trivia. Everyone loves to play trivia and there are several different variations which can be played when it comes to making accounting fun. Divide students into groups or allow them to play individually. Then set questions up to be answered as true/false, multiple choice or open-ended.
  • Faux Reports. Develop a pretend company complete with fake records then have the students, again either in groups or separate, analyze the statements and financial records. Devise the game so a specific goal or solution has to be reached.

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