Use Animations in Microsoft PowerPoint to Enhance Your Teaching

Many students learn by watching and viewing rather than just writing and listening. One of the best ways to enhance student learning is by using animations in Microsoft PowerPoint during your presentations. If you’re not used to using animations in Microsoft PowerPoint, it may take you a little time to adapt. Here’s are a few key factors to keep in mind as you get used to this new style of teaching.

using animations in Microsoft PowerPoint
Source: Wikimedia Commons

There are two different types of animations in PowerPoint:

  • Preset Animation Schemes already control the way that all of the content comes into the slide. All you have to do is add your content, and it will follow the preset scheme.
  • Custom Animations let you apply a different animation scheme to each individual item on a slide. This is the more common choice among PowerPoint users, since it gives you more control.

Common animation schemes that you may find useful during your lectures include:

  • Setting animations that allow one bullet point to be added to the slide at a time. This will keep students’ focus on the point you are currently addressing.
  • Add arrows and other marks to a slide as you explain a complex process or flow-chart type illustration.

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