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Join the Labyrinth Learning Textbook Authoring Process

textbook authoring program
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If you have ever thought about leveraging your knowledge in a particular field and authoring a text book, the Labyrinth Learning textbook authoring program has a unique and potentially very rewarding opportunity for you.

Currently, Labyrinth Learning is seeking authors who can write on a broad variety of computer and technology issues. In particular, we are most interested in the topics of business and accounting, computing, software applications and social networking.

Candidate authors must demonstrate a mastery of the subject matter by being a classroom instructor at the university level and also understand the specific writing needs of the projects. These include the ability to work independently and on a deadline and exhibit an keen understanding of the details of the project.

Our evaluation process is quite simple. Initially, we require a resume and writing sample on the topic you wish to cover. The sample should be 2-3 pages in length and, since we are an eLearning site, at least one screen capture to demonstrate your facility with this concept.

Upon tentative approval, you will most likely be asked to write a sample lesson which, if acceptable, will be compensated. Simply put, we are looking for a serious group of writers who can act independently but still provide the quality content that we need.

For more information on the Labyrinth Learning textbook authoring process, please contact us at Labyrinth Learning.

Teacher helping two students working in computer classroom

Tech Classrooms’ Benefits to Education

Teacher helping two students working in computer classroom
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The benefits of the tech classroom are many. This is especially true for classrooms designed for technology education, such as computer courses, career training seminars, and IT classes. When students have access to the right textbooks, multimedia resources, and assessments, they can work at their own pace, utilizing the learning modalities that work best for them. The result is a student that feels empowered and successful in the classroom.

Here are ways technology education enhances the classroom experience.

Your classroom is everywhere. Online learning resources, such as eTextbooks, web tutorials, and assessments allow students to practice, learn, and work anywhere there is a computer and an internet connection. This paradigm shift is providing the opportunity for full-time workers and homemakers, who couldn’t have furthered their education otherwise, to obtain advanced degrees.

Video Tutorials. In the traditional classroom model, students have to grasp the material in the allotted time slot, as they sit and listen to the instructor lecture or watch demonstrations. Any concept or technique that is forgotten can’t be practiced until the student has the opportunity to meet again with an instructor, TA, or tutor. Video tutorials allow students to watch any skill-set repeatedly, 24/7 until they get it right.

Online assessments. Simulation questions and online reviews and quizzes allow students to assess their performance, and review the areas where they are weak. Professors can check in using Course Management systems to see where students are at at any given time.

Contact Labyrinth Learning to find out more about technology to enhance your classroom.