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Help Students Learn a New Program With Outlook 2013 CourseCARD

Learning to use different programs that are essential to a well-rounded knowledge of computers is very important in this day and age. It’s why you should go to extra lengths to make sure students are familiar with basic software programs, such as Microsoft Outlook. Thankfully, there are some excellent teaching tools available, such as the Microsoft Outlook 2013 CourseCARD.

The Outlook 2013 CourseCARD is a fantastic beginner’s guide for new users of Microsoft Outlook. Students will be able to reference all of the program’s essential features, keyboard shortcuts as well as productivity tips at any time. The Quick Reference features goes over the Ribbon interface, which is what the program now uses. Students will also be able to use the Basic Topics feature, which includes tips on using the main features of Outlook, including Calendar, Mail, Contacts, Tasks and the To-Do-Bar.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 CourseCARD
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Once students get a basic grasp of Microsoft Outlook, they can further their understanding of the program by using the Advanced Topics feature of the CourseCARD, which provides information on using the new Conversation view, color categories, electronic business cards, attachments and signatures. To become an expert Microsoft Outlook user, students can then move on to Top Productivity Tips and Solutions in order to learn how to set up automatic replies, view calendars during meeting requests, create their own Quick Steps, and use the Outlook Social Connector.

Learn the ins and outs of Microsoft Outlook with the Microsoft Outlook 2013 CourseCARD. Contact us at Labyrinth Learning for additional information.

Microsoft Outlook textbook

These Features Might Make You Switch to Outlook

Microsoft Outlook textbookThe e-mail hosting battle is a fierce as ever with options such as Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo all readily available. We have a feeling that because of the new features that have recently launched in Microsoft Outlook are going to swing the popular vote its way. Here are some of our favorite features that might encourage you to make the switch:

Send massive files. Tired of getting the message your files are too large to attach? Even Gmail has problems sending files full of photos or longer video clips. Outlook now allows users to send massive files, via its SkyDrive. You can be very particular about who you share them with and the file hosting privileges are free.

The Cloud. Speaking of SkyDrive, now all of your Outlook files can be stored and accessed via the Cloud from any electronic gadget. In today’s world, computer literacy means knowing how to navigate cloud-based technology. You can share any files you want with friends, colleagues, or family, and you can also edit and collaborate on documents and projects as long as you have an internet connection.

Update your connections. Sync your Outlook account with social media files to ensure your address book is updated regularly.

Unsubscribe. Using the “unsubscribe” feature is one thing when it’s a mass generated newsletter. But what about that annoying email thread? Those are more personal. No need to hurt feelings, simply use the “Ignore” feature to block future messages from that thread, and to delete the ones in your inbox.

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