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Learn Computerized Accounting Through Your Local Community College

Is your business using manual accounting practices to keep track of day-to-day financial operations? If so, it’s time for HR trainers and staff to learn QuickBooks Pro. This top-selling computerized accounting software will immediately enhance the accuracy of your company’s accounting department. Best of all, you can learn how to implement computerized accounting at your local community college.

QuickBooks Pro 2013

Labyrinth Learning provides effective, engaged learning software to community colleges across the nation. Our QuickBooks Pro (QB) products are some of the most sought after resources on the market because they teach business owners and employees the skills they need to improve their accounting departments.

  • Save time. Data entry is significantly faster than manual accounting methods, which increases the efficiency of your accounting department.
  • Accounts Payable. No need to set up manual reminders or calendar updates in order to keep track of your bills. QB will help you keep track of invoices and bills automatically.
  • Accounts Receivable. Not only is it faster to create consistent invoices and payment plans, QB will track the progress and timeliness of payments, billing, and income.
  • Manage benefits. Benefit management is a complicated task, at best, when done manually. Once you learn QuickBooks Pro, employee benefits, vacation/sick pay, etc. will be managed for you.
  • Reports. You can generate customized reports, in real time, to have access to critical financial information when you need it most.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the idea of switching to computerized accounting methods. A few community college courses are all your employees need to transform your business’s financial outlook.

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QuickBooks 2013 Box

QuickBooks 2013…What’s New!

By Trish Conlon, author of Labyrinth Learning’s QuickBooks solutions.


Hello QuickBooks users! Here is a quick snapshot into the changes that you will see in the 2013 version.

The 2013 version of QuickBooks does not have many changes in regards to new features, but rather displays a huge change to the overall user interface. Users will still see the menu bar and a Home page that helps them to flow through the various tasks associated with Vendors, Customers, Employees, the Company, and Banking (see a screenshot of the new Home page below).

Quickbooks Homepage 2013 Screen Capture Thumbnail

But, seasoned QuickBooks users,will notice that the Icon Bar looks different and is docked on the left side of the screen by default (it can also be moved to the top of the window or hidden) and the color scheme has changed.

Another big change in QuickBooks 2013 is the use of a Ribbon and tabs in the transaction windows. Below you will see the Enter Bills window displayed with the Main tab of the Ribbon displayed.

Quickbooks 2013 Enter Bills Screen Capture Thumbnail
Enter Bills

QuickBooks users will see a new way of displaying information in a centralized manner in the Customer, Vendor, and Employee Centers through the use of tabs in the lower right section of the center. The new Vendor Center window is displayed below; note the Transactions, Contacts, To Do’s, and Notes tabs that organize the information for Hitchcock Property Management.

Quickbooks 2013 Vendor Center Thumbnail
Vendor Center

One of the new features unrelated to the user interface that has been introduced in the 2013 version is the ability of QuickBooks users to collect invoice payments online through the Intuit Payment Network.

Another change to QuickBooks 2013 is that users have more flexibility when it comes to customizing customers, vendors, and employees. There are now eight contact fields that users can customize by choosing from 17 different field options, as displayed below.

Quickbooks 2013 Edit Vendor Thumbnail
Edit Vendor

In the Labyrinth QuickBooks solution you will also see two new elements:

  • BTS Brief: this feature will assist students in learning the accounting concepts that happen “Behind the Scenes” in QuickBooks better
  • Visualize!: in this feature, students who are visual learners will be provided with tools to better understand the QuickBooks concepts they are learning

So, while the upgrade to QuickBooks 2013 does not have too many changes in regards to new features, it does require users to adapt to a changed interface that more closely resembles Microsoft Office® with the addition of Ribbons and tabs.

Trisha Conlon is Director of the Mid-Willamette Education Consortium at Chemeketa Community College. She is an experienced, career technical and adult education administrator and teacher who values an environment where all students can be successful.

You can now preorder review copies of Labyrinth Learning’s QuickBooks Pro 2013 Series.

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