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Teaching Accounting Using Twitter

More and more accounting teachers are using technology in the classroom to help their students learn both in and out of the school. Social media is a great example of a technological innovation that lets teachers and students communicate with each other outside of class.

voice bubbles
Answer questions outside of the classroom, and provide handy links, by using Twitter.

Used in the right manner, social media sites such as Twitter can produce astonishing results in accounting students. Here are some suggestions for using Twitter to teach accounting:

  • First, when teaching accounting, there will be a ton of information out there for your students to try to digest. That is why setting up a Twitter account to push out helpful links and information directly is a great way to help the students and relate to their everyday lives.
  • Second, Twitter can be used to support two-way conversations between teachers and students, which can help teachers engage their students while also ensuring that said individuals retain more of what they hear.
  • Third, Twitter’s ease of use also makes it useful for asking questions in the middle of accounting lectures. This is beneficial because increased student engagement produces better results, whether the material consists of the basic accounting principles or more advanced topics, and students can tend to be very shy. Twitter questions may help everyone get their questions in and answered.
  • Fourth, Twitter can lead students to other online material such as recorded presentations used to create a collaborative learning experience.

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