Computer tablet with business documents

Often Overlooked Features of Quickbooks

Computer tablet with business documents

We admit, it’s almost impossible for any software user to learn every single feature, or trick, at first! That’s why it’s so important for students and professionals to continue their learning process by taking higher level computer classes and refreshers. Longtime QuickBook users can be as delighted as a child opening a present when they’re reminded or exposed to often overlooked features that make their job a little easier.

Here are some overlooked features that will help your students learn QuickBooks Pro a little better.

Custom customer editing. Sometimes, we need to insert information about a customer that’s not already preset in the QuickBooks Customer Field. You can click “Additional Information,” and then “Define Fields,” to add the information quickly.

Multiple customer invoicing. There are times when you just need to move the invoicing process along at a quicker pace. One way to accomplish this is by clicking “Create Batch Invoices” within the “Customers” menu. This function lets you set up invoices for multiple clients at a time.

Import credit card activity. Tired of manually inputting all of the credit card activity? Even the most accurate of accountants is bound to make a mistake once in a while. Click, “Enter Credit Card Changes” in the Banking menu, and then select “Download Credit Card Charges.”

Labyrinth Learning has designed our textbooks and software in a way that ensures students and employees learn QuickBooks Pro effectively.


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