Social learning

The Power of Social Learning

Social learning

There are some people who can learn with only a book and their own beautiful minds. However, most of us require a little social stimulation to get the juices flowing. This can mean sitting down in study group learning from one another’s ideas, or it can mean participating in an online chat about a particular reading passage or new concept that is giving you trouble.

Here are some technological tools that can help your students participate in social learning activities in a time frame that works for them.

Edmodo. This is like Facebook for the academic world. Your students can learn from one another, sharing ideas or a new great resource, and they can connect with other students from other schools/classes for an expanded view.

Wikispaces. Teachers who use Wikispaces have the ability to store lessons, resources, and provide media links that support a given lesson. Plus the instructor and students can communicate with one another, leave comments and feedback, etc.

OpenStudy. No time to get together for a study group? No problem. Students can use OpenStudy to set up their own groups, or meet other students from all of the country who are studying the same materials.

Looking for a way to promote social learning in your classroom? Contact Labyrinth Learning. Ask about our educator groups and explore our Facebook page to interact with other instructors and contribute to our learning solutions. Plus, our learning management system can provide the collaborative learning platform you have been searching for.


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