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Social learning

The Power of Social Learning

Social learning
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There are some people who can learn with only a book and their own beautiful minds. However, most of us require a little social stimulation to get the juices flowing. This can mean sitting down in study group learning from one another’s ideas, or it can mean participating in an online chat about a particular reading passage or new concept that is giving you trouble.

Here are some technological tools that can help your students participate in social learning activities in a time frame that works for them.

Edmodo. This is like Facebook for the academic world. Your students can learn from one another, sharing ideas or a new great resource, and they can connect with other students from other schools/classes for an expanded view.

Wikispaces. Teachers who use Wikispaces have the ability to store lessons, resources, and provide media links that support a given lesson. Plus the instructor and students can communicate with one another, leave comments and feedback, etc.

OpenStudy. No time to get together for a study group? No problem. Students can use OpenStudy to set up their own groups, or meet other students from all of the country who are studying the same materials.

Looking for a way to promote social learning in your classroom? Contact Labyrinth Learning. Ask about our educator groups and explore our Facebook page to interact with other instructors and contribute to our learning solutions. Plus, our learning management system can provide the collaborative learning platform you have been searching for.


Group of young people in computing class

It’s Not the Money, It’s the Teacher With the Right Tools

Group of young people in computing class
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A recent study done by three economists, two from Harvard and one from Columbia, demonstrated that, “second only to parents, teachers are the most important part of a child’s education.” The study tracked 2.5 million students, over the course of 20-years, from a single urban district. The data paints a clear line connecting good teachers with the effects they have on their students throughout the course of the students’ lifetime, including higher test scores, increased earnings, and lower incidences of teenage pregnancies.

This study proves that the right teacher, with the right tools, has the ability to create a powerful effect in a child’s life. Teaching resources are a key element in helping an inspired teacher do his/her job in a way that enhances the students’ learning experience. These teaching resources can include things like:

  • Video Libraries. A video library can be used to reinforce key concepts and lessons. In the online world, a video resource library can be accessed by students from anywhere, anytime, providing more flexibility in their school/work schedule.
  • Course Management Systems (CMS). A CMS is an all-in-one course experience for both teachers and students, creating a self-paced curriculum with embedded learning resources and assessments that record student results in real time, so teachers can know what lessons need review.
  • Custom Learning Management System (LMS). Instructors have the ability to create their own curriculum from the text book, complete with web simulations and custom assessments to gauge learning.

Contact Labyrinth Learning to obtain the resources you need to positively affect your students.

The Hidden Benefits of LMS

Learning management systems (LMS) are becoming increasingly popular. From community college courses to corporate training programs, there are multiple benefits to using an LMS, including these 6 highlighted by the Training Zone:

  1. Comprehensive management. From email text reminders to full course management, a good learning management system takes a holistic approach, including sign-in sheets and certification.Labyrinth_learning
  2. Simple reports. Your reporting shouldn’t have to be complex. Whether it’s remembering upcoming certificate expiration dates or handling compliance issues, an LMS should be set up so simple, easy-to-access reports are delivered right to a manager’s inbox.
  3. Department training expenses. At a single glance, managers should be able to see which funds are being allocated to each department to better facilitate the training budget.
  4. Meet your regulatory requirements. Regulations and compliance continue to become ever more complicated. An LMS can help to eliminate human error. Even complex healthcare and financial industry regulations and compliance can be managed using a good LMS.
  5. Empower Employees. No need to schedule mass training sessions or a month of Saturdays to keep certifications, training, and compliance up-to-date. Your employees can navigate the LMS on their own clock in order to meet deadlines and keep their education and training current.
  6. Say goodbye to IT nightmares. A good LMS will be web-based or hosted by the LMS provider, meaning you can allocate costly IT management costs elsewhere.

Is your institution using a Learning Management System? Browse Labyrinth Learning’s selection of learning solutions that easily integrate with your LMS.