Enhance Your Teaching With Windows 8 CourseCard

Windows 8 CourseCard
Windows 8 CourseCard

Change is hard and when a computer operating system hasn’t been modified in several years, it makes it that much more difficult for people to adjust. Since the new Microsoft Windows 8 now offers touchscreen apps and a higher level of desktop productivity, it raises the bar on multi-tasking, making it a very attractive option.

All these changes are now creating quite an interest in students wanting to become proficient very quickly. As with anything new, the last thing you want is for your students to become bogged down trying to remember the latest essential features and keyboard shortcuts. That’s why Labyrinth Learning is proud to offer the Microsoft Windows 8 CourseCARD and the Microsoft Windows 8 FastCARD to assist your students in learning and retaining everything they need to know concerning this updated operating system.

Beginning with the Windows 8 FastCARD, students will be able to follow along as you instruct them on the basic skills they will need to master. This handy guide includes instructions on how to navigate and configure the start menu, what jump lists are, operating the recycle bin, where the notification area is and how it functions and finally how to maneuver the specific taskbars.

The Windows 8 CourseCARD has helpful tips on customizing and formatting this new style of desktop, as well as learning how to manage all those necessary files and folders.

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