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Let Your Students Have a Do-Over

By Alec Fehl, author of Labyrinth Learning’s Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2016 Essentials and Your Digital Foundation Continue reading Let Your Students Have a Do-Over

Join us at one of Our October 2014 Educator Conferences

2014 Educator Conferences
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At Labyrinth Learning, we aim to transform classrooms by providing materials that make it easier for instructors to teach, and easier for students to learn. If you’re interested in learning more about our mission and the steps we are taking to achieve it, consider attending one of our 2014 Educator Conferences.

We are going to be attending several conferences coming up this fall. Find the one that’s nearest to you, and make plans to attend today.

  • October 12th – 13th: Hot Springs, Arkansas
  • October 15th-17th: Acme, Michigan
  • October 23rd-25th: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • October 30th – 31st: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • November 6th – 9th: Baltimore, Maryland
  • November 20th – 23rd: Orlando, Florida

At each of these conferences, we will have a display set up and knowledgeable staff present to answer all of your questions about our software and learning programs, and how they can benefit both you and your students. Take the time to read about Labyrinth Learning’s growth over the last few years, and look over some of our materials. You can also order review copies to see for yourself whether our materials are the teaching solution you’ve been looking for.

Conferences are a great way to spread new ideas and rehash older ones. We’re happy to be a part of these events. You can see our 2014 Educator Conferences schedule on our website. Contact us if you are interested in giving our materials a try or to learn more about our mission.

Helpful Microsoft Word Formatting Tips

Microsoft Word is something many of us use daily, but that doesn’t mean we know all of the shortcuts. Make things easier on yourself with these Microsoft Word formatting tips:

Keeping it together: When words must be kept together on the same line, utilize non-breaking space characters and hyphens by pressing [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Spacebar] and [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[-]. If done correctly, word groups will move to the next line as a whole section.

Stopping style updates: To stop automatic style updates, click on the Home tab. This opens the Styles dialog, where you can find a specific style. Click Modify from the following drop-down menu, then simply unclick the box that says “Automatically Update.”

Formatting a list: To format only the number in a numbered list, click Show/Hide in the Paragraph group on the Home tab. Choose only the Paragraph mark at the end of the line, then apply formats.

Back to basics: To remove all formatting, select the text you want and press [Ctrl]+[Spacebar]. This removes all the Microsoft Word formatting that isn’t put in place by the base style.

Removing sticky borders: Typing three hyphens and pressing [Enter] tells Word that you want a solid line extending across the entire document. This sometimes sticks to the document, whether you like it or not. Click inside the paragraph and choose the No Border button from the Border drop-down to remove the line.

Microsoft Word formatting
This screen shot shows how to stop style updates.
Source: Techrepublic.com

Labyrinth Learning prides itself in offering many of easy-to-use teaching resources. Contact us today for further information.

Excellent Benefits of Using Microsoft Publisher

Because of the simplicity of Microsoft Publisher, along with the ease of integration with additional Microsoft programs, this is a course that will appeal to many people for both home and business use. Plus Publisher is a fantastic “starter” program for students interested in dipping their toes into the field of graphic design.

Source: Office.microsoft.com
Source: Office.microsoft.com

Home printers have become so sophisticated many people now enjoy creating their own greeting cards, family newsletters and postcards. While for small businesses who don’t necessarily need to hire a full-time PR firm, one of the major benefits of using Microsoft Publisher includes its wide variety of customizable templates.

With the MS Office Publisher Task feature, suggestions and tips are readily given to assist with the entire process. Customer lists can be developed, marketing campaigns accessed with a simple mouse click and technical tasks are easily explained.

Another one of the important benefits of using Microsoft Publisher can be measured in time saved. No longer do students get frustrated searching for photos and information. Frequently used content is stored in a searchable library for easy access. File sharing is quicker and faster since work can be transferred to PDF’s and XML’s without the need for an outside application. For the writers in your classes, Microsoft Publisher also offers options for readable PDF’s, making it a valuable tool for those interested in publishing e-books.

For additional information on how effective teaching Microsoft Publisher can be, please contact Labyrinth Learning for additional information.


Businesses Seek Tools to Improve Teamwork

As the modern workforce becomes increasingly mobile, businesses across the globe seek tools to improve teamwork and company-wide collaboration. One of the most effective innovations to break down geographic barriers is Microsoft 365. As this article in The Guardian points out, it’s not just the “whenever” and “wherever” that appeals to corporations, but also the “however” factor that matters.

Source: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

Whether your offices are spread out across the sate, the nation or the globe, Microsoft 365 allows employees who have never met face-to-face to collaborate on projects. Prior to cloud-based technology, this might involve complex time scheduling across differing time zones, multiple copies of the same report or spreadsheet and a ton of wasted paper. Now, with just a little technology education to learn Microsoft 365 employees can collaborate from anywhere, anytime and within the same documents, spreadsheet and presentations.

But, let’s take a step back for a moment. In order to use Microsoft 365 effectively, users need to be proficient at the tools in the Microsoft Suite. This is where Labyrinth Learning comes in. We have developed a wide range of training materials and tools that are specifically designed to keep professionals up-to-date with current MS Office software.

We even offer a FastCourse series, in three different levels, that work in a day or less to get employees up to speed on the newest MS features and changes. Once their skills are honed, they can effectively collaborate with team members across the company spectrum.

Contact us at Labyrinth Learning to learn more about our technology education tools today!


ADULT students in the classroom

Tips for Teaching Adult Learners

ADULT students in the classroomTeaching is not a one-style-fits-all profession. Different learning populations have different wants, needs, and learning styles. As teachers, we have to determine which teaching materials are best suited for students’ needs and teaching adult learners poses its own set of challenges. These tips can help you reach adult learners at their level.

  1. Know Why. Teachers often work under the assumption that adult learners want to be there. That’s not always the case. Sometimes they have to be enrolled in your class for employment opportunities or to keep a certification current. Make sure you know why your lessons are important so students never feel they are wasting their time in your classroom.
  • Understand Various Learning Styles. Modern teaching theories have come a long ways since the “sit-still-and-listen” teaching format most of today’s teachers were brought up with. We all have our own learning style:
    • Visual
    • Auditory
    • Kinesthetic 

    You can use simple assessments at the beginning of the term to learn which modality is the best for each student. While most students like a combination of the three, understanding which modality works best for them can be a lifelong learning gift for students, and a valuable piece of information for you as their teacher.

  • Encouragement. Remember that the adult learner has been out of the academic environment for some time. They may have ingrained beliefs about being “bad students” that can block their ability to learn. Maintaining a positive and encouraging atmosphere will keep them motivated and engaged.

Labyrinth Learning offers computer classroom textbooks for every type of adult learner.


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E-learning slogan poster

Self-Paced Learning vs. Cohort Learning

E-learning slogan posterDistance and online learning programs provide the opportunity for students to take control of their own learning process, timing, and progress. As such, many educators argue it’s time to branch out from the traditional cohort learning paradigm and create programs that support self-paced learning.

There are several advantages to self-paced learning.

Complete Control. While it’s true some students need a structured academic schedule, many prefer to work at their own pace. This is especially true for working adults and those who are intrinsically motivated and/or adept at the given subject. It also benefits those who struggle academically and need more time and/or guided assistance from instructors. Self-paced learning allows students to control their own learning process.

Intentional Interaction. Self-paced learning advocates believe students shouldn’t be required to complete specific learning activities if they already grasp the subject matter. Or, why should a student be required to participate in a group event when individually they already grasp the lessons at hand? A self-paced learning platform allows students to be in contact with one another and/or group leaders and instructors as needed, rather than as required.

Terry Anderson, director of the Canadian Institute for Distance Education Research, writes, “self paced learning will become increasing popular as a model of education for all students and especially for busy working adults”. Labyrinth Learning’s Innovative approach has designed textbooks and accompanying software that make it easy for professors and modern students to enjoy the benefits of self-paced learning.

Contact us for more information on creating a self-paced learning curriculum.


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