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Reap the Benefits of the Excel 2013 CourseCARD

Microsoft Excel 2013 CourseCARD
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Microsoft Excel has in record time become one of the most popular programs in both the corporate and small business world, as well as for home use. However, beginners experience moments of panic when delving into the inner workings of this versatile application.

Excel offers thousands of features so creating a system of understanding how to add onto the quick access toolbar, what a ribbon is and remembering keyboard shortcuts is vital to the overall success of learning Microsoft Excel.

That is why Labyrinth Learning is pleased to offer Microsoft Excel 2013 CourseCARD. Instead of students laboring over physical note taking, frequently distracting them from the next topic being introduced, our Microsoft Excel 2013 CourseCARD provides students with a quick and easy to understand reference guide.

More than just a step by step list that students follow to solve a problem, CourseCARD explains how Excel functions and details the necessary features and tools so each worksheet can operate properly. There are also basic and advanced topic sections along with a top productivity tips and solutions page.

The basic topic section includes tips on entering information, formulating data and managing worksheets, while the more advanced section discusses some of Excel’s newer features, including sparklines and PivotChart field buttons. The solutions page is a quick reference guide on customizing methods, creating specialized templates and worksheets and how to open older versions of Excel.

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Teaching Payroll Accounting Using Microsoft Excel

using payroll accounting in Microsoft Excel
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Many businesses are continuing to use Microsoft Excel for accounting. This user-friendly program is perfect for everything from invoicing to bookkeeping to inventory spreadsheets. Many people have started using payroll accounting in Microsoft Excel because of its simple template setup. This template allows them to easily update and access payroll records and information. While there is a time investment at the beginning, the payoff is its ability to quickly determine the amount of revenue going toward human resources and the ease with which payroll accounting personnel can enter all necessary data.

Labyrinth Learning offers a complete package of Microsoft Excel 2013 textbooks, as well as online teaching tools for students beginning to explore this versatile program and those seeking to learn the more advanced features. We also have all three levels of the Microsoft Excel FastCourse available.

All our Microsoft Excel textbooks include end of lesson exercises which can be worked multiple times until the student feel comfortable with the tasks. The various online teaching tools include video tutorials, instructor assessment materials and specialized training tools. For those planning on using payroll accounting in Microsoft Excel in a more corporate setting, these textbooks and online tools are approved for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification examination.

Your students will be on the fast track to success when they learn the accounting features of Microsoft Excel. For more information on Microsoft Excel and other interactive teaching tools we have available, please contact us at Labyrinth Learning today.

Easy Ways for Students to Learn Basic Accounting on Microsoft Excel

accounting teaching resources
Teach students to use Microsoft Excel for budgeting and more.
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Microsoft Office Excel includes easy to use spreadsheet functionality which can simplify basic accounting tasks. Plus it supports additional add-ons when more sophisticated programs are required. Date importation from outside financial sources and even additional competing software platforms can all be accomplished when handling basic accounting with Microsoft Excel. The program offers a lot in terms of accounting abilities, making it a fantastic teaching program for students beginning to learn the accounting basics.

  • Budgeting and statements: Microsoft Office Excel comes complete with a wide variety of templates for creating basic accounting statements, including profit and loss, cash flow, and budget. More complex templates can be downloaded from the Office website and adding on specialized templates from other software vendors is a simple and easy task.
  • Spreadsheets: When performing basic accounting with Microsoft Excel, expensive accounting calculators are no longer required to figure out complex formulas. Excel spreadsheets are designed to handle both in-line and summation calculations.
  • External data: Microsoft Excel allows external data from numerous sources to be uploaded. This data can also be stored in a variety of different file formats without requiring additional data entry.
  • Integration: Another major advantage of introducing basic accounting with Microsoft Excel is that it provides easy integration with many other popular accounting applications. Many of these software applications include wizards, which work with both Excel and a separate accounting program.

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Tips to Make Your Excel Charts and Graphs Pop

Excel 2013 legend-placement-comparison
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Who says looks don’t matter? The human eye has a natural inclination for proportion, color, and balance. If you go crazy using bells and whistles when creating your Excel charts and graphs, they can end up being difficult to read or decipher. Here are tips to make your Microsoft Excel 2013 charts and graphs pop.

Get rid of the gridlines. In theory, gridlines are there to help your eye track specific data. In reality, they create the equivalent of visual “background noise,” which mucks up the total effect and is more of a distraction than a help. Your charts will have more impact without them. Simply click on any gridline other than the top one (that will select the entire plot area). Then hit Ctrl-1 to access the formatting box. Select line color > no line, and – viola! It’s easier on the eyes.

Legend relocation. Tired of your chart legends on the right? They always make things appear off center. You can easily relocate the legend to the top or bottom of the page. Click Ctrl-1, then find the Legends category and choose Positions (called Placement on Macs). It’s much cleaner.

Sort your data. Keep the chart looking orderly and streamlined by sorting data in descending order beforehand. Once your data is sorted according to how you want it to appear in the chart, a change in data will automatically be reflected in your chart.

Use Labyrinth Learning’s Microsoft Excel 2013 software and textbooks to help your students’ Excel charts and graphs pop.